Every day, when I got home from school, a gigantic stack of newspapers would be waiting for me. Seriously, it made the Eiffel Tower look like a figurine - and I had to deliver them. My zone was between College Ave. and Pitt St. in a small, historic town. I would drape my “newspaper sling” across my shoulder, hop on my orange Huffy bike, and be out on my route till the sun went down. Even at 12, I could feel the satisfaction of delivering my customers their media for the day. I knew that whenever they sat down and slid out that crisply folded newspaper, inside would be information that in some way would change their day. Sometimes it would make them laugh, sometimes it would make them reflect, and other times it would change the course of their world. For me, I guess that's WHERE THE PASSION STARTED. And, in some kind of way, I knew that I forever wanted to be - A PAPERBOY.



After getting married at 20 (and first child at 22), "grown up life" landed - and waiting tables wasn't cutting it. So, I went back to school and got a journalism degree. While there, video production found me. Making stupidly hilarious videos covering a wide range of activities started to leave a lasting mark. I was hooked - Paperboys was born.



My wife, Veronica, introduced me to Simon, who had this crazy idea of merging our combined 23 years of experience in filmmaking. After lengthy stints in Madrid, San Salvador, and Baltimore, producing short films, shooting weddings and helping nonprofits tell their stories, I jumped at the chance to help build Paperboys and make some seriously awesome videos.


JOSH OLSON | Lead Videographer

Growing up, I wanted to be an engineer. But there was a problem, I was terrible at math. So… time for a change in direction! Luckily I fell in love with film. So much so that I got my degree in it. To date, I have worked on a little bit of everything. I even starred in a feature film and directed an award winning documentary. And now – I have been adopted as a Paperboy! YAY!